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Netflix Pick of the Week – Deadpool

One of my favorite movies of the year (and one of my personal favorite superhero movies) has arrived on Netflix. Deadpool

Thats right folks, Deadpool is already out on Netflix and it is freakin’ awesome. Unlike most superhero movies in its genre, Deadpool is R rated so please avoid watching it around your children as it is definitely not your average hero flick. Set in the X-men universe, Deadpool doesn’t want to be a hero, but alas he is thrown into the thick of things and becomes the ultimate anti-hero. This movie is on a much smaller scale than most superhero movies, but I believe that is why it works. It keeps the story tight, the emotions high, and a strong focus on the characters instead of the action.

The best thing about the entire movie is the love that Ryan Reynolds put into the character. He is in nearly every scene in the entire movie one way or another, and he steals it every time. You can truly see that he was born for this role, and I don’t think I can imagine anyone that could ever play it better.

Overall, this movie rocks and you should watch it especially as it is on Netflix. Enjoy!

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