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Welcome To Something Pixels

Well we finally made it!

That’s right guys, the website is finally here so I want to start off with a big hearty welcome! It’s still gonna be a long road ahead but, with you by my side I think we are gonna do just fine. Speaking of roads ahead, you maybe wondering whats next for Something Pixels? Well I am glad you asked! The drive is going to be mainly on blogging (like this one!) and making great content on my Youtube channel (found here).

My goal is to build a community driven website and channel to bring you content that you want to see from me. Furthermore, I would love to get you involved in my content so if you think you are a go getter and what to be a part of something awesome, then leave me a message!

Anyway, I am going to keep this short as its just the beginning. Peace out!

P.S here is a cat GIF just for you!

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